7 Tips for Kids Getting Braces

Braces are an effective orthodontic treatment option that can improve your child’s smile and their oral health. They are a common treatment among adolescents who have crooked and misaligned teeth. The impact of these dental issues can impact your child’s self-confidence and development during adolescence. Below you will find 7 tips for kids getting braces so you can effectively prepare your child for orthodontic treatment.

7 Tips for Kids Getting Braces

Orthodontic treatment offers a number of lifelong benefits. Consider the following tips if your child is getting braces treatment.

Discuss and Manage Their Expectations:

Managing your child’s expectations is critical when it comes to preparing them for braces treatment. Each child is different so this conversation should be age appropriate. However, let your child know what to expect when their braces are put on, during treatment, and even after. Braces treatment does not end once they are taken off as they will need to wear a retainer to preserve their results for the long-term. Talk with your child in advance so they are prepared for the entire process.

Listen and Address Their Concerns:

Your child may have some reasonable concerns about treatment. This is why listening to their concerns is an integral part of preparing them for treatment. Answer any questions that you can, but consult with a dentist at Coastland Dental about any questions you are unsure about. Providing an open environment with your child can help them feel supported which can ultimately result in success with their braces treatment.

Prepare Meals In Advance:

There are dietary changes that will need to be made, especially for the first few days and weeks. Prepare meals in advance so your child has the right foods to eat as they transition into the treatment process. Talk with your child about their food preferences and what will work with braces. It’s best to focus on a liquid diet and slowly transition into softer foods. The soreness should go away after a week or so, so this is only temporary.

Purchase Supplies in Advance:

There are some helpful supplies that can make the braces treatment process much easier. Purchase supplies in advance to ensure your child is taken care of before they get their braces. Orthodontic wax and specialized floss are must-haves for your child. These products can help them easily transition into braces treatment.

Prepare for Their Discomfort:

Being realistic with your child about the discomfort is a necessary part of the preparation process. The first few days to a week can come with some discomfort. Each patient is different so it can be beneficial to eat soft foods that are cold, use a cold compress, and take over-the-counter medications to help with the pain. If your child has serious pain after one week, consult with your dentist.

Discuss Dietary Changes:

Braces are an investment into your child’s long-term oral health. To ensure they understand that, discuss the dietary changes that are necessary for braces treatment in advance. Certain foods are off limits with braces, including popcorn, caramel, gum, and other sticky foods that can disrupt braces treatment. Talk with your child about the foods they cannot eat during treatment so they are prepared in advance.

Treatment Benefits:

If your child has some reservations after discussing braces treatment, talk with them about the benefits. Not only will braces improve their long-term oral health, but they can also improve the appearance of their teeth. This can ultimately improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Affordable Dental Braces

Braces offer a number of benefits that can have a lasting impact on your child. If you think your child may need braces, the team at Coastland Dental are skilled in orthodontic treatment. They offer affordable dental braces that can improve your child’s oral health and self-confidence. Contact their team today to schedule a consultation!