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May 28, 2024
The outside of Coastland's building looks like a little village and the grounds are clean with little gardens throughout. When you walk in the office it doesn't seem like you're at the dentist. It has the feel of a V.I.P. experience, except it's for everybody. Everything is BRIGHT and OPEN. There's a fully stocked COMPLIMENTARY coffee bar and snack stations in the lobby with the latest info videos about dentistry playing on the mounted flatscreen. The decor is more like a lounge with upscale velvet seats and no stains, weird smells, ceiling tiles falling, or dirt and gum on the floor. (I've seen this at other places) What makes you know it's a dental office are the credentials neatly framed and hung on the wall for everyone to see, Google, check and cross reference. Hooray for Transparency! Also, there's an oddly sleek brushed chrome depiction of a tooth on the wall. The counters are always clean and not cluttered with junk. The admin staff are personable and keep you informed IN ADVANCE of any potential OUT-OF-Pocket costs and show you in writing the estimates. They also are not afraid to say they don't something and will check with your insurance to get PRE-authorization before scheduling you for something. So even if you don't like the price you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. The treatment rooms are always being updated with the latest, most advanced and efficient equipment. I like that because usually the newer stuff makes the appointment go faster and it's more accurate. It also shows me they have a commitment to continuing education and not just stuck in the past. I'll post a video to show what I'm talking about. Now the doctors. I know I shouldn't be judgmental because it's their work that matters right?....WRONG. Nope if you're going to be all in my mouth I'm looking at everything! I usually have super early appointments in the morning and each time the doctors and hygienists have been wide awake, clean clothes with a crispy white lab coat with no stains and combed hair and facial hair, Beard game on point and fresh breath with pretty teeth. It might be superficial but I don't want nobody with bad teeth and poor hygiene working on me. How are you going to help me and you can't even help yourself? Hard Pass. I am somebody who asks a lot of questions and I like that they don't get offended or act impatient. Also if they make a suggestion that I don't want to take (that's not detrimental to my health of course) they don't get offended. Speaking of suggestions, I've been scammed before so I'm VERY skeptical when it comes to getting services. Sometimes I'll get 3 opinions. I'm very impressed that, without knowing the reconnoissance that I've done in advance, Coastland has never tried to take advantage of me or convince me I needed something I didn't . They don't lie and say you have cavities when you don't. Just good clean honest dentistry. That's why I'll keep coming here because people be trying to take you for every dime so when you find honest people you gotta keep them. Two things that, while I understand, I'm not a fan of is 1. Due to inflation (like everything else) their prices have to go up sometimes. I have some permanent dental retainers and sometimes the bonding holding the wire in place will break off. It's literally a dot of composite the size of a pencil lead tip but it still went up this year an extra $50 (in fairness I have had the retainers since 2016 and been paying the same repair price ) The other thing is the cancellation fee policy. When I make dental appointments I need them so the last thing I want to do is cancel. Given the type of work I do I usually get calls for jobs 24 hours before or sometimes only a few hours. If that happens $125 is a stiff fee to pay for not having a service. I'd rather spend that on whitening or a blouse. Thankfully I've never had to cancel but that anxiety is REAL. I'm up here setting 3 alarms making sure I don't oversleep. Overall five stars. I'll keep you updated if anything changes..
Marine Sahakyan
Marine Sahakyan
May 6, 2024
I had a deep cleaning session today for my teeth with the best results ever and I feel so good. Thank you so much the doctor and assistants for their knowledge to give me the best care and service ever!!
Karine Charchoghlyan
Karine Charchoghlyan
April 30, 2024
Very impressed with the office and Dr. Artur especially. He is a master in what he's doing and the super friendly staff are making the experience hundred times more pleasant and comfortable. You won't leave with any questions unanswered. Thank you for the amazing work you've done!
Arsen Oganyan
Arsen Oganyan
April 16, 2024
I apreciate for job if Artur. Prices are good. He did the best .He put inplants Second review l will leave when my implants are ready.
April 13, 2024
Absolutely amazing service and quality dental work!! We had infected root canal which two clinics prior could not help us with. Doctor Artur Arkelakyan did the surgery! Thank you very much!!!
Jack Mkrtchyan
Jack Mkrtchyan
April 12, 2024
Amazing stuff no pain during treatment amazing results
Oleg Nikitin
Oleg Nikitin
April 9, 2024
Great Doctor and Staff! Fast and clean!
El Dr. Artur es el mejor dentista que he conocido. Es muy conocedor y amable. He tenido problemas con otros dentistas anteriormente, pero estoy contento de haber encontrado finalmente al mejor. ¡Recomendaré a todos mis amigos y familiares!
Chris A.
Llevo más de 3 años visitando Coastland Dental y no puedo recomendar este lugar lo suficiente. El Dr. Artur realmente hace todo lo posible para asegurarse de que mi visita sea lo más fácil y cómoda posible. ¡Gracias, Dr. Artur!
Sandra N.
Estoy tan contento de haber encontrado Coastland, mi experiencia fue excelente. Realmente disfruté el trato del doctor. Es genial y muy amigable y se asegura de que nada me moleste. Aprecio mucho a todo el personal.
Sylvia P.
El Dr. y el personal son todos muy buenos y amigables; los recomiendo altamente a amigos y familiares.
Eric S.
¡Este lugar es increíble, pagaría extra solo por venir aquí! Todo el personal es muy amable y conocedor.
Matt B.
El Dr. Artur y su equipo son muy profesionales, amables y simpáticos.
Christine L.
He estado yendo a Coastland durante años desde que me mudé al valle. Siempre refiero a mis amigos a ellos. De hecho, disfruto venir aquí por el Dr. Artur.
Steven C.
Sin dolor, amigable y puntual. Definitivamente recomiendo esta oficina. Gracias a todos en Coastland Dental.
Celeste A.
Escúchame, si estás buscando un nuevo dentista, ¡TIENES que venir aquí! No tuve ningún problema para obtener mi primera cita aquí y desde entonces todo ha sido un proceso fluido. ¡Los recomiendo!
Ron T.
He estado en la oficina varias veces ahora. Todos en la oficina han sido extremadamente acogedores y amigables. La oficina también está extremadamente limpia. Recomiendo mucho a Coastland Dental.
Holly F.

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