Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You and your soon-to-be spouse are literally bringing two families together, and you’re doing it very publicly. On your wedding day, all eyes are on you from sun up to sundown, which comes with a lot of pressure. When all of those guests are coupled with an almost ubiquitous photographer, it makes sense that you and your partner want to look your best. Let’s look at how you can get your teeth ready for your wedding.

Getting Your Teeth Ready for Your Wedding

You may be thinking that you’re not a big smiler, so worrying about your teeth may seem like too much. As someone who had their wedding literally last weekend, let me tell you that you will smile more than you ever have in your entire life on that day. Amongst the sincere well wishes of those closest to you, the joy of your wedding party, and the overwhelming love of your partner, you will struggle to stop smiling.

Now, we aren’t suggesting that your guests are going to be inspecting your smile for flaws. However, you will definitely notice issues with your smile when you start to see photographs. They might be cell phone photographs from friends or your photographer’s sneak peeks, but you want to look at those photographs and see nothing but ecstatic beauty. They’re going to be on display in your home and those of your family members for decades, so it makes sense to curate your look as much as possible beforehand.

Start with Your Dentist

Before doing anything else, visit your dental office in Burbank for a professional cleaning. By clearing away any excess plaque, you’re prepping your smile for success. This is also the perfect time to organize a consultation with your dentist to discuss any insecurities you have regarding your smile. You may be surprised at how much your dentist can fix with a little bit of dental bonding. As long as you go in a few months before the wedding, they can help to address chips, cracks, etc. If you have enough time, you may even consider veneers for more damaged teeth.

Then there’s color correction. If your teeth are a bit too yellow or have visible stains, then you will want to go back to your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment two weeks before your wedding. Fortunately, Coastland Dental offers teeth whitening in Burbank for your convenience. After your treatment, just make sure you’re following your dentist’s advice by only using approved oral hygiene products and avoiding staining food and drinks. Thanks to your dentist’s expertise you will have a gorgeous smile. However, if you’re still a bit insecure, you can always talk to a couple of your vendors.

Talking to Your Vendors

If you’re still a bit self-conscious about your smile for any reason, there are three vendors you need to talk to.

At the End of the Day

Between your dentist and your vendors, you can ensure that the only thing that glows more than your smile is your partner.