Custom veneers are an excellent solution for anyone who wants a complete overhaul of their smile. Veneers are capable of covering everything from discoloration to chipped or misaligned teeth, making them the ultimate choice for a truly transformative smile. For the best results, your dentist will guide you through shade and shape choices, but the decision will ultimately be yours. To make sure you get everything you hope for, let’s look at how to best try matching your veneers to your face shape.

Matching Veneers to Your Face Shape

Your face shape is a relative measurement determined by measuring your face at four different points:

There are no set numbers associated with different face shapes, but they can be determined by comparing the measurements listed above.

Generally, there are six primary face shapes used to help determine everything from the most flattering eye makeup to the best hairstyles with the goal of balancing the face. The same approach can be taken with veneers, so let’s see what your face shape might be and the veneer style that will best suit you when you decide to have your cosmetic dentistry in Burbank.

Heart Shaped:

If your forehead is your widest measurement, and you have a longer chin you likely have a heart-shaped face. Celebrity examples include Scarlett Johansson and Nick Jonas. Rounder, shorter veneers tend to flatter this face shape. You may want to start with veneers in the natural or oval styles. Just to see if they fit your aesthetic needs.

Square Shaped:

People with a square face shape tend to have relatively similar measurements along their forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. The chin also tends to be fairly short with a minimally curved jaw. Celebrity examples include Rihanna and David Beckham for reference. Given the sharpness often associated with their features, people with a square face shape tend to benefit from rounded veneer styles. You may consider the softened or youthful styles.

Round Faces:

In terms of measurements, round faces are very similar to square faces. The primary difference is a gentle outer curve that may result in the cheekbone measurement being ever so slightly longer. In general, these faces aren’t angular, favoring gentle curves instead. Celebrity examples include Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. In order to balance the shorter, rounded face you may consider slightly elongated or more defined veneers like the dominant or Hollywood styles.

Diamond Shaped:

A diamond-shaped face is marked by high cheekbones and a pointed chin. The primary difference between a diamond and a heart-shaped face is that a person with a diamond-shaped face does not tend to have a prominent forehead. Celebrity examples include Jennifer Lopez and Jesse Eisenberg. A slightly rounded veneer can help to soften the hard angles that dominate this face shape. So consider an enhanced style veneer as a starting point.

Oval Faces:

Someone with an oval face has similar measurements to someone with a round face but with slightly elongated features. The cheekbones should be the widest point of the face. But they tend to have a longer forehead which makes the face longer than it is wide. Celebrity examples include Kerry Washington and George Clooney. To balance out the longer, soft features people with oval faces should consider a more defined, square veneer style such as the vigorous style.

Rectangular Faces:

As with oval face shapes, rectangular faces are simply an elongated version of a square face shape. Celebrity examples include Gisele Bündchen and Henry Cavill. This face shape also tends to benefit from softer veneer styles like the softened and oval styles that feature more rounded shapes.

Making a Custom Decision

Ultimately, these are just guidelines. There is so much subtlety to our faces that you may need to look at several different styles when you get your porcelain veneers in Burbank. However, considering your face shape will give you a place to start. It also can provide you the vocabulary needed to discuss the decision-making process with your dentist.