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Teeth Whitening

Your smile should be a source of pride, but it can be challenging when your teeth aren’t the color you want. Whether through genetics or lifestyle habits, teeth can become discolored. But modern dental practices allow for safe and effective teeth whitening treatments.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is where we do a simple treatment to make your teeth appear whiter. It is a cosmetic treatment that enhances the brightness of your smile and can help you build confidence in your teeth.

It can transform a regular smile into an incredibly white smile with a smooth and painless solution. Teeth whitening treatment is usually achieved in two ways. The first is using an over the counter remedy to use at home and the second is at our office in Burbank, CA, with professional chairside treatment. We provide both options at Coastland Dental.

Teeth Whitening​

Who Might Need Teeth Whitening?

If you have experienced discoloration of your teeth, then teeth whitening could benefit you. Tooth discoloration can come from a variety of things. Two primary sources can affect your tooth’s color, and these sources are either external or internal.

  • External sources will come mainly from the diet, such as food and beverage. Common teeth stainers are coffee, tea, red wines, and tobacco.
  • Internal sources originate from inside the tooth. These causes can be medication use, illness, infection, trauma, and aging.

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When is the difference in treatments?

Over-the-counter whitening products have become increasingly popular. However, the trouble with these is you do not know what you are getting. Some may provide benefits, but there is often the chance that they can be used improperly.

The main benefit of having a chairside teeth whitening treatment at Coastland Dental is the whitening gel we use is more potent. This potency means less time is needed for the procedure while still providing you with the results you want. The gel will be applied to protect your gums during this process from any burns or bleaching. Chairside treatment is the most effective and efficient way to whiten your teeth and can be done in just one appointment.

However, patients with more severe tooth discoloration may benefit from several treatments. During your initial appointment, we will exam your teeth and provide you with a plan for how to reach your goals.


Is teeth whitening permanent?

Getting your teeth whitened isn’t a permanent solution. Your teeth will stay white for a few months, sometimes a few years. Think of teeth whitening as a second chance. You can get back a bright smile, but it is up to you to care for it. This includes developing a healthy oral care routine and adjusting habits to better preserve the whiteness of your teeth.

The duration will depend on a variety of factors, such as your diet and daily hygiene. At Coastland Dental, we recommend patients get in the habit of rinsing and brushing their teeth post meals. This way, discoloring agents have less of a chance to settle on your teeth. However, some habits such as coffee or tea drinking may be important parts of your life. In such cases, we strongly recommend building a solid dental hygiene routine.

Who Makes Coastland Dental Teeth Whitening Worth It

At-home whitening gels usually brighten your teeth one or two shades. But the results can be inconsistent or underwhelming. Depending on the gel’s strength, you might have to apply it multiple times over a few week’s duration. This increases the risks of:

  • Not getting the right shade
  • Not protecting your gums from bleach
  • Increased teeth sensitivity

If you have the treatment done in-office, we can help you achieve your desired smile within an hour or two. Since a professional will be whitening your teeth, your gums and tooth enamel will be protected. This will prevent your gums from burning and damage to your tooth enamel. Also, if there is any sensitivity after the treatment, it will be immediately addressed.

When you have your teeth whitened by professionals, you also can count on the use of high-quality products. We only use approved whitening products with safe and effective ingredients.

The Whitening Safe? Are There Any Risks?​

With proper application, teeth whitening is proven to be safe and effective. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity or even root damage, but these can be avoided when you visit a trusted dentist. Your Burbank dentist will be able to determine if you’re at risk of the procedure.

Will my teeth be sensitive after?

You may or may not experience sensitivity after teeth whitening; everyone is different. Some patients will experience minor sensitivity or pain after, especially if your teeth are in a more deteriorated state. However, for the individuals that do experience discomfort, it usually lasts for 24 hours or less. If you’ve had previous sensitivity issues in the past, please let us know before beginning a teeth whitening session.

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