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Revolutionizing Dental Treatments with RAYFace 200

The Pinnacle of Face Driven Dentistry


At Coastland Dental, we’re excited to introduce the groundbreaking RAYFace 3D facial scanner to our array of advanced dental technologies. This innovative system is designed to capture the most natural smiles and streamline the treatment planning process, ensuring a comfortable and effective dental care experience.

Transform Your Smile in Just 0.5 Seconds

Imagine capturing your perfect smile in the blink of an eye. With RAYFace’s One-Shot Scanning technology, it only takes 0.5 seconds to obtain a detailed 3D visualization of your smile. Six high-resolution cameras work simultaneously to capture your facial contours and dentition with precision, thanks to the blue light technology that ensures minimal discomfort and maximum efficiency.

Auto Alignment and the Creation of Your Dental Avatar

Our new technology doesn’t just capture images; it creates a comprehensive dental avatar with just a couple of clicks. Enhanced by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, the auto data alignment feature of RAYFace allows for effortless superimposition of intraoral scan data, 3D facial scan data, and CT data. This integration not only speeds up the diagnostic and treatment planning processes but also improves accuracy, leading to superior patient outcomes and satisfaction.

A Seamless, Facially Driven Dental Solution

RAYFace is more than just a 3D facial scanner; it’s the foundation of a revolution in facially driven treatment solutions. From the initial scan to the final consultation, every step is optimized for simplicity and effectiveness. Our technology simplifies the journey, making each phase—from scanning to diagnosis, and from design to fabrication—intuitive and straightforward.
RAYFace 200

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Enhanced Consultation and Communication

RAYFace improves consultation outcomes with its 3D smile design simulation, enabling patients to visualize potential results before treatment begins. The system also supports auto landmark creation for faster and more accurate diagnoses. Moreover, with RAYTeams platform, communication between dental teams and patients is interactive, enhancing understanding and engagement with the treatment plan.

Open System Software with Extensive Third-Party Integration

Committed to flexibility and comprehensive care, RAYFace supports integration with leading third-party CAD and 3D viewers such as Exocad, Dolphin3D, and Invivo 7. This capability ensures that our clinic remains at the cutting edge of dental technology, providing versatile and sophisticated treatment options tailored to each patient’s needs.


At Coastland Dental, we are proud to lead the way in adopting innovative technologies that promise not only to improve the efficiency of dental treatments but also to enhance patient comfort and results. With RAYFace, we’re not just changing smiles; we’re revolutionizing how dental care is delivered.

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